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NC Divorce Attorneys Serving Wake County, Johnston and Mecklenburg County, & Surrounding Area

Filing For Divorce in North Carolina

Divorce does not have to be a difficult or expensive process in North Carolina. We live in a no-fault divorce state, which means that no one has to prove fault before the marriage can be dissolved.

In North Carolina, marriages may be dissolved and the parties divorced from the bonds of matrimony on the application of either party, if and when the husband and wife have lived separate and apart for one year, and if one of them has resided in this state for a period of six months. N.C.G.S. § 50-6.

If you are getting a divorce in North Carolina, let Vasquez Law Firm help you navigate a course to a better future. Contact our North Carolina divorce attorneys and tell us your story.

Dedicated Representation in Divorce and All Related Matters

At Vasquez Law Firm, our North Carolina divorce attorneys are here to help you navigate the divorce process with grace and dignity. In some cases, two of the biggest hurdles at the end of a marriage are reaching an agreement regarding the division of property and figuring out new parenting arrangements. We can help you negotiate these matters with your spouse during the separation period. Once you and your spouse reach an agreement, it can be put into a contract or made an order of the court.

Our lawyers are available to answer any questions you may have related to the divorce process in North Carolina, including:

Call for a Consultation With Our Mecklenburg & Union County Divorce Lawyers

At Vasquez Law Firm, our lawyers take the time to get to know our clients through an in-depth initial domestic consultation. By learning about your unique situation, your concerns, and your goals, we can craft a tailored plan that is right for you moving forward.

Our attorneys have helped many satisfied clients with our approach to family law in North Carolina. When your future is on the line, you need honest legal advice sooner rather than later to make the best possible decisions. We represent clients throughout NC, including Mecklenburg County, Johnston County, Wake County, Harnett County and Durham County. For additional information about our approach, please call us at 919-989- 3000 or send us an email.