Legal Counsel for Traffic Violations in the Wake, Johnston, Harnett and Durham Counties

Why You Need An Attorney

traffic_1Having an attorney has a substantial impact on the outcome of cases. In traffic cases, the presence of an attorney is the most significant influence on the outcome of a traffic violation.

Many defendants do not understand how the court system works or what happened to them in court. A Survey found that 32.7 percent of those charged did not understand what occurred in the courtroom.

Don’t be among those who don’t know what’s happening to them in court. Contact William Vasquez to discuss your case and learn your options.
At the Vásquez Law Firm, PLLC, we defend clients in traffic violation cases throughout Johnston, Wake, Harnett and Durham counties.

Legal Counsel When You Get a Traffic Ticket

As you likely can determine in reading these questions, the legal process can quickly get complicated. Insurance points are somewhat different from DMV or motor vehicle points. For example, in certain circumstances a reduction of speed can result in insurance points… even if the driver has no history of prior moving violations. A simple traffic ticket can be very complicated, depending upon a series of competing factors.

The “9 over” reduction, although a very powerful tool, must also take into account the accident histories of household and family members. That is true regardless of whether the police officer issued a citation. In some instances, an accident may be referenced in a driving record… although fault is commonly NOT listed on such history. There are certain circumstances where an accident would not show up on the record; yet, the insurance carrier may still attribute fault to the policy owner, whether a formal determination was ever made by the courts.

Driving School As A Means Of Reducing Penalties

Over the years, we have found clients sometime misunderstand the implications of driving school. Driving school and ?reductions? can be valuable tools in limiting exposure to increased premiums and DMV suspensions. Driving school, at least in North Carolina, normally does NOT result in a ?dismissal? of the speeding ticket. The conviction stands on the record check… but rather than showing DMV points, a simple PJC is listed. (You may have heard the term PJC, which stands for “Prayer for Judgment Continued”.)

Furthermore, the use of a PJC can be limited both for the individual driver AND for people who live within the household or who may be listed on an insurance policy. Driving school and the associated PJC may not be the most appropriate options. Again, one must consider the respective driving records of anyone who may be deemed insured by the carrier.

When you contact us, we will begin with an extensive evaluation of your situation, asking questions such as:

A. Have you had any moving violations in the past three (3) years?

  • Were you convicted of any of those citations?
  • Did you know a Prayer for Judgment Continued (“PJC?) does NOT result in a dismissal?
  • Have you had any PJCs in a five (5) year period?
  • Have you had any accidents in the last three (3) years?
  • Were you issued a citation for the accident?
  • Did your insurance company pay for ANY damages, whether it was for the car or for injuries sustained in the collision?
  • Do you know who was deemed at fault, regardless of who may or may not have received a citation?

B. Who else resides in your household?

  • Are they of driving age?
  • Are they licensed?
  • Do they drive any of your vehicles at any time?
  • Are they insured on the policy?
  • Has anyone in your household had a moving violation in the last three (3) years?
  • Were they convicted of any of those traffic tickets?
  • Did they have a PJC or go to driving school in the past five (5) years?
  • Have they had any accidents in the last three (3) years?
  • Were they issued a ticket for the accident?
  • Did your insurance company pay for ANY of those damages?
  • Was there any determination of fault?

C. Is there anyone else on your policy, like a college student, who doesn?t necessarily live in the household full-time, yet may still be on the insurance policy?

  • Do you have a former spouse who may still be on the insurance policy?
  • Do they drive a family car?
  • Whose name is on the title?
  • Do they carry their own insurance policy?
  • D. Do you or anyone in your household carry ?umbrella? coverage?
  • Do you carry homeowners insurance, which may also cover cars and other vehicles?

Contact A Lawyer

If you have pending traffic charges or what you might consider a simple speeding ticket, we encourage you to contact the Vásquez Law Firm, PLLC. In addition to explaining important legal rights, we can provide helpful information about sometimes complicated insurance and motor vehicle point issues.

We believe experience and preparation benefit clients. We do our homework, reviewing relevant background information, such as previous traffic citations, accidents and DMV histories. In providing a zealous defense, we consider the implications of driving records of family members and household residents, whether or not they are actually listed on the insurance policy.

At Vásquez Law Firm, PLLC, we guarantee our rates and put them in writing for you. You won’t be surprised with hidden costs.