North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation was developed to assist people who have been injured while at work. If you have been injured while working for an employer, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

In order to receive workers’ compensation, you have to have been employed at the time you are injured, and the injury must be a result of the employment. This means that your injuries must be caused by whatever tasks you are supposed to perform while employed. This may also include illnesses sustained while at work. For instance, if your job requires you to perform a task that deals with hazardous chemicals and you end up getting ill, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation claims are awarded based on strict liability so they can be very complex and difficult to handle. This means that as long as your injuries or illness is a direct result of your employment, you are entitled to workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation can reimburse you for medical expenses (past, present and future), as well as lost wages. Unfortunately, if you are awarded workers’ compensation, you may no longer be entitled to reimbursement for damages such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, or loss of enjoyment of life.

Sometimes, an employer may not be willing to provide you with the amount of compensation you need for your injuries. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will work with your employer and their insurance company to provide you with your workers’ compensation.
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