• Citizenship/ Naturalization
  • fiance/fiancee (K-1) and spouse/children (K-3/K-4) visa processing
  • applications for permanent residence – marriage, family, employment-based, exceptional ability
  • waivers of inadmissibility/excludability in US and abroad (I-601, I-212)
  • Asylum, withholding of removal, and convention against torture relief
  • writs of Mandamus to federal court for resolution of long-pending applications
  • work visas (including H-1b, H-2b, TN, L, and E-3 visas)
  • O-1 and P-1 visas for those with exceptional abilities, athletes, and entertainers
  • Investor visas (E-1, E-2)
  • J-1 visas and J-1 waivers of the two year foreign residency
  • Visitor and student visas (B, F, M)
  • criminal immigration issues and cancellation of removal
  • bond hearings
  • motions to reopen (including those of prior deportation orders)
  • request for release for immigration detainees who cannot be deported
  • appellate court filings to the Board of Immigration Appeals and federal Circuit Courts


The cost of an initial consultation with Attorney Vasquez is free for a 30 minute meeting. The consultation can take place in person or by telephone. For a telephone meeting, we ask that you send your documents in advance of the meeting for review during the consultation.

The vast majority of cases are charged on a flat fee basis in order to set clear expectations regarding fees, and make sure you know up front how each stage of the case will cost.

William Vasquez is available by phone or email before setting the consultation to do a quick analysis of the case and answer any questions you have before setting an appointment.