Understand Your Options in Family Law

When heading into or going through a divorce, you may have many questions. Are you confused about the division of marital assets, pension plans, taxes, alimony, child custody and other issues? Will your financial future be secure after the divorce is over?

At Vásquez Law Firm, PLLC we can help provide answers for these and other questions. We are Family Law attorneys in North Carolina. We practice in many areas of family law, including divorce, pre-divorce planning, separation agreementschild custody and visitation.

We will provide you with a clear path to follow in planning your divorce so that you fully understand all options available to you. We can answer all of your questions regarding your divorce and help you move through the process as smoothly as possible.

Our Primary Goal Is Your Satisfaction

Our primary goal is to design remedies for your family law problems, as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We are able to provide more individual attention and lower fees than many other law firms. We will do our best to settle your case when it is in your best interest, but when necessary, we are prepared to go to trial and fight for your rights.

When you are involved in a family law dispute, you need both personal and professional support, but you also require calm and reasoned decision-making. We have the ability and experience to handle all of your family law needs, from the detailed management of a complex marital property dispute to the sensitive advocacy needed in an emotionally charged child custody proceeding.

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Contact our firm in Smithfield or Raleigh, North Carolina at 919-989-3000 to set up an initial consultation, where we can discuss your family law concerns.

Vásquez Law Firm, PLLC, provides family law assistance for clients in Wake, Johnston and Harnett County.