Civil and Criminal Appeals

Appeals Require Thorough Knowledge of the Rules

Appealing a court ruling or verdict requires an in-depth understanding of the law, an ability to write and attention to every detail. You will find those skills at Vásquez Law Firm, PLLC, in Smithfield, North Carolina.

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Our law firm handles civil and criminal appeals in state and federal courts. Attorney William J. Vasquez is licensed in all North Carolina state courts and all federal courts in North Carolina. When there is a chance that a court decision is mistaken, the appeals process offers a second chance. It is, by design, a rigorous process that demands precision.

What issues went wrong?

The first step in an appeal is to examine the trial transcript and find issues that compromised the verdict. You will want an appeals attorney who has the training and discipline to find issues that went wrong during the trial.

Everything is reduced to writing.

The appeals process is complex and lengthy. All arguments must be put in writing for the appeals judges. There are technical rules about how the information should be presented. Case law and citations from the transcripts must be on point, precise and accurate.

Personal Service, Appeals Attorney

An appeal takes time, experience and skill. Contact our law firm to discuss the appeal of a criminal or civil case in state or federal court.