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Even if you never step a foot in the Department of Motor Vehicles in North Carolina to apply for a license, if a person is ever cited for traffic violation that person will receive a DMV customer number. For DMV a driver license number is a customer number. Even though the person has never physically held a license, he is being tracked by DMV and the same rules apply to this person. A person with a customer number could only accumulate 12 points during a 3 year period.

Most speeding violations carry 2 points or more, while passing a stopped school bus carries 4 points, DWI 12 points and No Operators License 3 points. I get a lot of customers that tell me, I don’t have a license what does it matter. Well if a person accumulates 12 points their license even the one they never had will be suspended and the next citation will be for driving while licensed revoked which is a more serious offense and could lead to arrest and or jail time. An attorney who is experienced with traffic matters will usually put a client in a much better position. Not to mention the money the person will save on insurance rates really pays for that attorney 100 times over in a 3 year period. Many infractions do not require that the person be present at court and could be handled in their absence. We handle traffic violations in Johnston, Harnett and Wake. Call us today for a free consultation, Do not pay your ticket until you have spoken to an attorney.

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